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State Parks Programming Policy

Approved by the Georgia Council on American Indian Concerns April 10, 2006

Standards For Programs

1. Current Interpretive Plan: any park or site offering programming must have an Interpretive Plan written by the site manager and formally reviewed by the Region Manager within the last five years. The Interpretive Plan must include a list of appropriate program themes and the park or site must program within those themes.

2. Annual Program Outline: Prior to submitting and publishing the annual park brochure, a brief outline and narrative of the park or site programs must be presented and approved by the Region Manager. If additional review is requested from the Region Manager, the Resource Management and Interpretation staff in Atlanta can consult with relevant resources and provide the service.

Personnel at individual sites or parks have the option to jury the potential interpreters and demonstrators who will be conducting programming at their sites.

3. Site Manager Responsibility: the site manager is responsible for formulating a brief outline for the site. Each event must meet the theme guidelines outlined in the Interpretive Plan and meet the approval of the Region Manager prior to publication of the event.

Interpretive Standards Relating To Programming

1. The site staff is responsible for conducting any juried selection process for its programmers and demonstrators. The criteria for the juried process must meet the following minimum standards:

a. The program should be applicable to the site’s programming theme.

b. Programmers/demonstrators must show expertise in the area for which they are applying by providing several photographs, pictures, news articles, and/or samples of their work to a jury. The jury should consist of site personnel and/or experts in facets of the culture represented by the program and theme.

c. The programmers and/or demonstrators will provide at least three (3) verifiable references from other locations where they have performed. It is strongly recommended that such references be from other public sites.

d. The site manager is encouraged to contact adjacent public sites to inquire into the quality of the work of the programmers and/or demonstrators desiring to perform.

e. The site manager should be prepared to justify the selections and/or omissions based on this policy.

2. Site managers have the responsibility of carefully selecting programmers and demonstrators who meet standards for quality of presentation and accuracy of content. Programmers and demonstrators must be invited by the site manager. It is strongly recommended that the site manager consult with other site managers within the Division and with other state and federal sites that offer comparable programs to confirm personally the performance history, quality of presentation, and accuracy provided by each programmer and demonstrator under consideration.

3. Powwows, festivals, and similar events are permitted by concession agreement. Such events are permitted only when and where the site is able to accommodate the event.

4. State and federal laws will be enforced at all events held in state sites and parks.

5. Special events, daily programs, and interpretive programs will not be held on sacred or archaeologically-sensitive areas of sites.


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