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Weekend for Wildlife is a one-of-a-kind getaway to one of the most prestigious of Georgia’s coastal resorts. As guests of this magnificent two-day event, you will have the opportunity to participate in unique excursions led by field experts, as well as an exciting banquet and verbal auction featuring original artwork and exclusive treasures. As you bask in the luxurious comforts of Sea Island’s amenities, you will—most importantly—serve as VIPs to conservation of Georgia’s natural resources.

Theme 2017

The fiddler crab and the whimbrel.

One scuttles in sand and mud. The other can fly more than 4,000 miles non-stop.

But the two are connected. Whimbrels visit Georgia’s coast each spring to binge on fiddlers. The crabs are critical fuel for whimbrels’ migration from South America to breeding grounds in the Arctic.

Without these small crabs, these large shorebirds with long, drooping bills would be further at risk for their annual roundtrip between the continents. Whimbrels need fiddlers.

But that crucial connection is just one of many in the web of life that is the Georgia coast.

This region of beauty, history and natural wonders is a rich mosaic of estuaries, marshes, islands and cultures. Here, wildlife, habitats and people have mixed for ages, just as the rivers mix with the sea.

In coastal Georgia, understanding the connections critical to conserving this unique environment for current and future generations is not only necessary, at DNR, it is part of our statewide mission.

As a part of Weekend for Wildlife, you are connected to that mission.

For Example, the Nongame Conservation Section of DNR has:

  • Helped track whimbrels and other shorebirds across the hemisphere to probe the natural resources they need to survive.
  • Documented important coastal habitats and worked with partners to conserve them, such as 4,000-acre Altama Plantation Wildlife Management Area acquired last year near Brunswick.
  • Led a Georgia Sea Turtle Cooperative that is charting the comeback of loggerhead sea turtles, with the 3,200 nests laid on our beaches last summer far surpassing a recovery goal of 2,800.

Your participation in this exclusive event makes this work possible. The Nongame Conservation Section depends primarily on contributions to conserve rare and other nongame wildlife, native plants and natural habitats. And Weekend for Wildlife is our leading fundraiser.

Which is another coastal connection that’s worth knowing, and exploring.


Join the Governor, First Lady and DNR Commissioner Mark Williams for the 29th annual Weekend for Wildlife, Jan. 27-28 at the Cloister Resort, Sea Island.

Visit wild coastal places on trips led by experts. Enjoy a Friday night cocktail reception and silent auction rich in getaways, artwork and wildlife memorabilia. Revel in Saturday night’s exciting banquet and verbal auction.

Weekend for Wildlife is one of the nation’s most successful conservation events, raising more than $10 million since 2001 to conserve Georgia's nongame—native wildlife not legally fished for or hunted.

The 2017 Weekend will continue to provide valuable support for the DNR Wildlife Resources Division’s Nongame Conservation Section, which depends largely on fundraisers, grants and direct contributions for its vital mission: conserving nongame. These animals and plants include hundreds of special-concern species from whimbrels to whorled sunflowers. Nongame—and the habitats they depend on—enrich our lives, our economy and our future.

Through the Georgia Natural Resources Foundation, Weekend for Wildlife will also strengthen the broad mission of DNR, to sustain, enhance, protect and conserve Georgia’s natural, historic and cultural resources for present and future generations.


You may browse this years selection of trips using the link below.


Preparing for Trips

Overdressing is recommended! Winter temperatures on the coast vary widely. Boating trips are more exposed to the elements.

Bring sunscreen, sunglasses and insect repellent. Binoculars are also handy.

Arrive 15 minutes before the trip starting time. This helps ensure that trips leave on time, for the convenience and enjoyment of the entire group.

While weather affects all outdoor trips, for those rated weather-dependent, conditions are critical for safety and other issues. We will work to alert you as soon as possible if a trip is cancelled and advise you of other options.

Choosing Your Trips

Our staff can advise you on trips that require extensive walking or strenuous activity.

We can also recommend the trips most suitable for your children based on their age.


Event Brochure

This year's event brochure can be downloaded at the link below.


General Registration

Registration opens to the public November 2.

Corporate Registration

Corporate Sponsors may pledge using the link below or contact Robin Hill (706.557.3325) for sponsorship related inquiries. We will contact you shortly after receipt of your pledge to confirm arrangements.

Pledge Form

This year's selection of trips can be found in the section above. When you are ready to proceed with registration please contact Melissa Cummings (706.557.3326) or complete the above pledge form and we will reach out to you soon.

Sponsorship of Weekend for Wildlife brings a variety of special benefits, including early event registration beginning October 17, 2016. Sponsorship levels begin at $5,000 for individuals and $10,000 for businesses.

The table below outlines the benefits of each level.

Event Benefits
6 4 2 2 2 Complimentary Registrations to Weekend for Wildlife
6 4 2 2 2 Invitations to the Friday Sponsor Reception with the Governor
3 2 1 Room(s) at The Cloister for Friday and Saturday nights
4 2 Invitations to the Governor’s Excursion on Saturday
2 Seats at the Governor’s table during Saturday Night
Recognition in the Weekend for Wildlife Program
Recognition on the Weekend for Wildlife Website
Use of the Wildlife Conservation Fund Logo on publications †‡
Advertisement in the Weekend for Wildlife Program
Logo featured on the Weekend for Wildlife Website
Benefit is included
Through August 2017
As approved by DNR


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