Monthly Operating Reports
Please be aware that items left blank will be AUTOMATIC violations.

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Beginning August 10, 2004 (July eMOR), failure to enter ALL required data will result in enforcement action.

Common errors to avoid within Daily Surface Water Treatment Plant Operation Report Summary:
  1. If the plant does not operate on a particular day, you must check the Not in Operation box at the top of the page. No other information is required to be entered for that particular day.
  2. For each day of plant operation, you must enter a withdrawal quantity for all sources listed under Quantity Withdrawn From Permitted Source. If no water was pumped from a source, you must enter a zero. Do not leave the field blank.
  3. Fe (iron) and Mn (manganese) results must be reported for each day of plant operation.
  4. Maximum Filtered Particles (in 3 – 15 micron ranges) must be reported for each day of plant operation.
  5. You must calculate and enter the Daily Giardia log Inactivation for each day of plant operation. If you need assistance performing this calculation, please contract Ed Urheim with the Georgia Rural Water Association at (770) 358-0221.
Note: For each day of plant operation, Chlorite, Chlorine Dioxide and Virus log Inactivation are the only acceptable blank fields. All other values must be reported to EPD.
If the plant does not have a discharge permit, leave the NPDES Permit Number field blank within Plant Profile Maintenance. Do not enter any text such as “N/A”, “Not Applicable”, “None”, and etc.

Other Instructions:
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