Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy


Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents



Executive Summary

I. Introduction and Purpose

II. Approach and Methods

III. State Overview - Ecological Framework

IV. Conservation Landscape Assessments and Conservation Strategies

V. Statewide Wildlife Conservation Themes and Strategies

VI. Procedures for CWCS Review and Revision

List of Acronyms


Appendix A. High Priority Species - Summary Data

Appendix B. Species Technical Team Reports

Appendix C. High Priority Habitats - Descriptions and Summary Data

Appendix D. Wildlife Resources Division Education Plan FY05-09

Appendix E. Environmental Education Team Report

Appendix F. Direction for the Decade Report

Appendix G. Laws and Regulations Affecting Wildlife in Georgia

Appendix H. Land Evaluation/Protection Programs in Georgia and Other States

Appendix I. Georgia Land Conservation Partnership Plan

Appendix J. Georgia Historic Vegetation Reconstruction Pilot Project

Appendix K. Identification of Conservation Opportunity Areas in Georgia

Appendix L. High Priority Conservation Actions

Appendix M. Summaries of Comments from Regional Stakeholder Meetings

Appendix N. Landowner’s Guide to Conservation Incentives


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Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy

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